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Heart Nose

As low as $0.20

Heart Shape Safety Noses With Washers. Each Nose Sold Individually.  Use for Nose, Button, or Eye in Crochet, Sewing, Knitting, Amigurumi, Crafts.  

Safety Nose in Loveable Heart Shape With Safety Washer. Versatile Use as Nose, Button, or Eye. Use in Crochet, Sewing, Knitting, Amigurumi, Crafts. Nose sold individually. Purchase two noses to use for a pair of eyes.

Dimensions of Heart Shape Noses:

6mm Wide x 5mm Tall x 2mm Thick

8mm Wide X 7mm Tall x 4mm Thick 

10mm Wide X 9mm Tall x 5mm Thick

12mm Wide X 11mm Tall x 5mm Thick 12mm

13mm Wide x 12mm Tall x 5mm Thick

15mm Wide x 14mm Tall x 5mm Thick

18mm Wide x 16mm Tall x 8mm Thick

21mm Wide x 19mm Tall x 9mm Thick

25mm Wide x 21mm Tall x 9mm Thick

29mm Wide x 22mm Tall x 8mm Thick

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