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Teddy Bear & Doll Joints


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  1. Metal Safety Washer With Internal Tooth
    As low as $0.35
    Metal Safety Washers - 1 Pair

    Safety Washers Metal Sold For Plastic Safety Eyes and Noses With a Smooth Stem to lock in place.  The Washers are metal with Internal Locking teeth. Available in various sizes.  Sold As Pair  

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  2. Joint Pins T Pins for Teddy Bear and Doll Joints
    As low as $0.40
    Joint Pins T-Pins Cotter Pins - 5 Pin Pack

    5 Joint Pins Also Called Cotter Pins and T-Pins are parts to make Teddy Bear Joints, Doll Joints For joint movement of arms, legs, and neck.  Joints Pins are used with Millboard and Hardboard Discs and Metal Washers.  Available in Size 20mm to 24mm with 7mm T for For Teddy Bear and Doll Joints.  

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  3. 7mm 10mm 12mm Hardboard and Millboard Discs
    As low as $1.35
    Millboard Hardboard Joint Discs - 10 Disc Pack

    Pack of 10 Teddy Bear Joint Discs.  Use Millboard and Hard Board Discs to make moving joints in Teddy Bears and Dolls.  10 Millboard and Hardboard Discs available in Size 7mm to 45mm.  

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  4. Plastic Joint Sets for Moving Joints in Teddy Bears Dolls and Plush Animals.  Available in Size 12mm to 65mm
    As low as $2.00
    Plastic Joint Sets

    Plastic Joint Sets includes 5 joints to make a complete Teddy Bear or Doll with moving arms, legs, and head.  Available in Size 12mm to 65mm.  Install by hand or order the Joint Insertion Tool for easier installation.  See detailed description with Sizing Chart &  How To Install Plastic Joints Video Tutorial in the Details    

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  5. 20mm Plastic Disc For Spacer Or Joint Disc
    As low as $3.00
    Plastic Round Discs For Crafts and Joint Parts - 10 Disc Pack

    Plastic Craft Discs Round With Hole in Center.  Use for Art and Craft Projects. Spacers and Joint Discs For Dolls and Teddy Bears.  Make Craft Ornaments, Sold in Packs of 10 Size 20mm to 50mm

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  6. Teddy Bear and Doll Plywood Joint Sets on Sale Size 6mm to 35mm
    As low as $3.37
    5 Plywood Joints for Complete Teddy Bear or Doll

    Ply Wood Teddy Bear and Doll Joints. On Sale 5 Sets for Complete Bear or Doll. Plywood Discs Cotter Pins and Metal Washers for Collectible Toys, Dolls, and Teddy Bears. Size 6mm to 35mm  

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  7. Teddy Bear Joint Sets 7mm
    As low as $3.79
    Teddy Bear Joints Traditional Style

    Teddy Bear and Doll Joints. Traditional Hard Board and Cotter Pin Joints for Collectible Toys, Dolls, and Teddy Bears. Size 7mm; 10mm; 45mm

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  8. Joint Insertion Tool For Teddy Bears and Dolls
    Joint Insertion Tool
    Teddy Bear and Doll Makers Use Joint Insertion Tool To Install Plastic Safety Joints. Size 20mm to 65mm. Secure Locking Washer Easily and Tightly in Place on Joint Stem. Learn More

8 Items

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