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About GlassEyesOnLine

 Hi I am Jerry and I work with Carolyn at GlassEyesOnLine.com  


I started out many years ago manufacturing Decoys with my dad. I was able to find a source in Germany for realistic looking eyes for our decoys. That was the beginning of an over 30 year relationship with a German Glass Eye maker and my love of collecting Eyes ;-)

I branched out into different styles of eyes, noses, and joints as my customer base expanded.  I currently work with Carolyn in my shop. I paint all the Sparkle and Iridescent Eyes and build all the insertion tools. Carolyn makes kits and takes care of the GlassEyesOnLine Customer Creations website where artists and crafters finished products are highlighted. 

Carolyn also publishes our monthly newsletter filled with Tips, Tutorials, Free Patterns, and a Hodgepodge of information shared by artists and crafters we meet through our business. 

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